Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When The Pedal With Your Hands And Steer With Your Feet

     I came across the website of some freakers in Brittany, France who I wanted to profile. These guys seem to have taken a serious study of the freakbike and come up with designs that I had not considered or seen. When chopping it's important to ask yourself what aspects of the bike are taken for granted and can be altered.

This is a tallbike that you pedal with your hands and steer with your feet. Paintacular! 

Stilt Bike Gives Second-Story Ride

This is interesting to me because there's a half-century gap in my collection of vintage tallbike pictures between 1915 and the 1964 article, which Ray has recently filled with these photos from '40 and '52. Surely there were tallbikes about in those times. There were two world wars and a depression to keep people busy.

Your Smile Is My Bike's Smile

Is it funny? or is it harmful? if you see two frame of bike with a height of more than 2 meters,yes it's tall bike. 
on the street tall bike was very attracted the attention of road users,maybe most of them thinking that was funny or dangerous but mostly they always showed smiling happily to tall bike rider. 
Thats became our way to remind everyone that cycling is fun,fun to see you smile then see you smile with cycling and also my bike smilling.
are you ready to cycling with smile on your self and on your bike? 

Monday, July 25, 2011


Neo Ardhie on pic

  This year at this every place at indonesia especialy at yogyakarta,bike is being life style for some people and we can see at every road somebody with new bike. Now, we can see not only tall bike who being rumors of every lips like last year ago but this year is fixed gear year. We can also says that every bike lover have fixed gear bike but not all of this,the point is now bikes like bomb because every people love to use bike for many activity,activity at this words i mean style activity not to be for world activity. Of course we love bike we like to be bikers because is healty and fun,i like it too and i ‘m happy seeing some of people use bike for world warming but not style warming also we can see now.

  The fenomenal of bike is in our brain now,many kind of bike we can see at road now. Every people love to use their bike for more of activity example like for healty or for just style only,it’s be good if their choice is for healty at their body or world body but of course it will be prediculus if their choice just for style only becouse our world not need our style at our bike but our world is need our consistency to bicycling at our life. It will be nice when we also know when is time for use bike and when is the right time for use motorcyle,car,bus etc. I think use bike for all of the time also not in our style maybe becouse our activity not posible to use bike for work maybe so balancing your life,balancing your motor with your bike.

  Is good if we can see most of people using their bike for their activity but the hope of world is that bike activity is not bike temporary habbit,when every where we can see many of bike now but next time we can see more of motor at road all of this because BIKES NOT BOMB.