Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tall BIke Expression

We've got event,we've got costume, Using a tall bike was interesting, and more interesting by using costumes. sometimes we use free kostume appropriate expressions and sometimes also themed, maybe beside get interesting also give an entertainment view with an attractive show. although it is actually stimulus people to ridden bicycle also about the existence of bicycle in traffic and we are above traffic,certainly.

Friday, May 28, 2010

100 Miles Via Tall Bike

This month marked the 20th anniversary of Reach the Beach, a 100-mile bicycle ride that goes from Portland to the coast and raises money to support the American Lung Association of Oregon. The ride is widely recognized as the official start of the Oregon cycling season, and this year some supporters decided to show their enthusiasm in some unconventional ways.

From Wreck To Rock

To create a tall bike must be made sketches and design, then looking for wreck of a bike at a flea market junk, most are in Berbah, Sleman. After finding the required items such as a bike frame, chain, gear, steering, etc., then assembled by welding. we can choose height and shape as desired bicycle initial sketches. For fees by wreck of a bike and costs required assembling the bike just under 300 thousand rupiah.When assembling the bike is actually quite short is about a week. But time could be delayed, because the community members should seek and sort out the trashy stuff at Berbah Sleman to be in the bicycle-recycle so desired.

Simbah's Bike

Wonderfull, simbah was built his bike from start to finish in about two hours. it's just take from his bike,ontel bike and some part like iron pipe just welding to frame, so thats the simplest tall bike.

"B(L)ACK" Bike

I was built my bike take a long time, it's about two month because i looking for a bike at a flea market junk, most are in Berbah,Sleman,Yogyakarta. After finding the required items such as a bike frame, chain, gear, steering, etc. then assembled by welding.Most tall bikes are pieced together with old parts and welds, which sets this one apart from all others. My bike have two frame in differntly, at bottom frame i use federal frame and at top frame i use ontel bike frame with reversed.I was assembled these bikes in the atom's garage. My bike have once badly damaged due to accident so i must replace some parts to get high again.And now i can riding my tall bike so i'm not just a traffic but i'm above traffic.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Preserve Culture Cycling With Different Sensations

Yogyakarta tall bike community makes the bike a unique model. A bike with a height size bicycle with even very high, Height between 1.5 meters to 3 meters. The material was also based on the principle of "go green", which is to reduce junk scrap metal secondhand bike builders have piled on rickety. This community has asked one of the tall bike enthusiasts to assemble depending on tastes and ingredients stuff wreckage.

Our principle is to reduce the use of fuel oil and scrap metal rubbish bin in the city, we are a bunch of different bikes as our lifestyle.

Influential Above Traffic (Now)

At the end of 2006, users bicycles on the streets of Yogyakarta increasingly marginalized by a motor vehicle. Even users of motor vehicles will not budge or give priority to get a road bike safely. Moreover, the asphalt sidewalk in downtown parking lot that is used for four-wheeled vehicles. Not to mention the current far left lane is used for buses 'Trans Jogja'.

The Fixed Gear Tall Bike

This fixed gear tall bike, amazingly, was built “from start to finish in about two days,” by Marty Walsh, custom frame builder extraordinaire from Geekhouse Bikes, based out of Allston, Massachusetts. He constructed it from scrap tubing, but as he notes, the “front is double butted deddacchi, meaning it’s probably one of the nicest build tall bikes I’ve ever seen.” Most tall bikes are pieced together with old parts and sport shitty welds, which sets this one apart from all others. And since the dude is an actual frame builder and it was still DIY—a mandate in the sub-culture—not even the aggressive purists can hate on it. Plus, it’s not like he plans on selling out, “The ‘Frankendork’ isn’t for sale, it’s just kind of a fun show piece that I can ride around the city and be a dork,” confesses Walsh. Check out the bike in action, detailed close-ups, and the building process after the jump.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sono's Explanation

In according to Sono, an activist yogyakarta tall bike, at the beginning of tall bike at yogyakarta establishment there are only five people who have a tall bike. The idea of using the tall bike was started in 2007, when Cyclown Circus, whose members are from the United States and Italy, visited Indonesia.

Flexibility To Ride

This communitiy (Yogyakarta Tall Bike) do not need the legality of the organization. It's a bit different from other bicycle organizations that have a neat structure. They confessed to the present tall bike community has not needed an organization's existence. No need is recognized among the other communities. In fact, the real existence of this community have been recognized and are often invited to be involved in various cycling events.

The coolest tall bike I’ve seen yet

I’ll admit that I don’t usually find the tall-bike scene very interesting and perhaps that statement will have me besieged by an army of black clad squatters armed with padded lances. However this tall bike, dubbed “Skywalker” by Atomic Zombie is not only absurdly tall, its also very thoughtfully designed and and attractively constructed. It must be a helluva trip to ride a bike from 4 meters in the air.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Goes To Solo

From the first time i going to solo city with my bike,yeah my tall bike of course with all of my friends from yogyakarta tall bike community,it was along time ago. we are 16 people and 16 tall bike with 3 friends from america and australia use federal bike start at boulevard of gajah mada university yogyakarta 06.00 pm and arrive at solo city 02.00 am, it's about 8 hours at road. We take along time because one of we get trouble with bike so we just stop for a while to get fix a bike that have a trouble.
we just enjoy and having fun with cycling around solo city.
The effect is really explosive, people starts laughing hard, irresistible!

Place Identity

Mostly all of community,it's mean whatever community have a place for get together and that place will be an identity of their community. Reciprocally we are as community of yogyakarta tall bike have a place destination that we often spend most of time together and we just spend it at monument 'tugu' yogyakarta that we called 'Tugu Jogja'. Tugu jogja is one of place that we often spend one long night togather around or just a place for hang out destination and usualy tugu yogyakarta also be meeting point before we go to cycling around yogyakarta city.

Piero And The Cyclown Circus

Cyclown Circus cycle from town to town, looking for a place to stay, co-operating with locals and the community and performing in the street or at a pre-arranged locations (usually some kind of Social centre) and giving workshops after the event and then Piero and a group of other Cyclowns rode their tall bikes from Europe to Indonesia and just arrived in Jogja,one of the bikes they use is a tall-bike then giving workshops.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ridden A Tall Bike

If you’ve ever ridden a tall bike, you can understand the attraction: Finally, for the first time in your bike-riding life, you’re not just traffic, you’re above traffic.
Tall bikes can be used for general transportation and recreation, just like other bicycles. Regular tall-bike commuters note that both their increased visibility and the simple 'wow factor' give them a safety advantage in automobile traffic over 'short bikes'. However, there are issues with mounting and dismounting.

It is much simpler than you might think. On the lower part of the "backbone" there is a small step. The rider stands in back of the bike, with hands holding the handlebar grips, with a foot up on the step and lower pedal to lowest position then push off to gain motion with left foot on left pedal and Pushing forward to get enough momentum to steer and balance, swing right leg over then steps up, puts feet on the pedals, and rides on.

Bike Rally, Campaign For Disaster Risk Reduction

In a series of memorial Four Year Post-Earthquake Yogyakarta and Central Java, the Java Reconstruction Fund together with the Provincial Government of Yogyakarta and Central Java, Rekompak, IOM Yogyakarta, and GTZ in Yogyakarta invites cyclists to participate in a "Campaign for Disaster Risk Reduction" and participate in activities " Tlusap-tlusup Kotagede ".

SkyWalker TallBike

SkyWalker is a radical two wheeler that allows the bicycle hacking adrenaline junkie to surf the skies while at the same time amusing or confusing the slack-jawed onlookers below. Sure, tallbikes are nothing new, and have been around since the 1800's, but SkyWalker takes things to new heights by allowing the rider to climb up and down the frame while the bike is in motion. What this means for tallbike pilots is that they no longer have to cling to a telephone pole to mount the bike, and worry about finding another pole when it comes time to dismount. SkyWalker is designed so that the pilot can control the bike from the ground, and all the way up to the top while climbing the built in ladder. Since the handlebars double as ladder handrails, the pilot is under complete control of the tallbike during the entire ascent.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Bicycling Can Do

"What Bicycling Can Do" tell about some important things what we need to do in our life. ...may be.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bear riding a tallbike

an old video of a bear riding a tallbike. And you think YOU'RE the shit. Bears aren't exactly the most agile of creatures, and they can do it...