Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Fixed Gear Tall Bike

This fixed gear tall bike, amazingly, was built “from start to finish in about two days,” by Marty Walsh, custom frame builder extraordinaire from Geekhouse Bikes, based out of Allston, Massachusetts. He constructed it from scrap tubing, but as he notes, the “front is double butted deddacchi, meaning it’s probably one of the nicest build tall bikes I’ve ever seen.” Most tall bikes are pieced together with old parts and sport shitty welds, which sets this one apart from all others. And since the dude is an actual frame builder and it was still DIY—a mandate in the sub-culture—not even the aggressive purists can hate on it. Plus, it’s not like he plans on selling out, “The ‘Frankendork’ isn’t for sale, it’s just kind of a fun show piece that I can ride around the city and be a dork,” confesses Walsh. Check out the bike in action, detailed close-ups, and the building process after the jump.

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