Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Odd Bicycle Made From Bed

Everything old is new again. Modern Mechanix was the staple through an era past. Now The DIY culture has Make magazine, backyard chicken and gardening. The revolution is proving to be empowering to anyone willing to research, learn and think for themselves. Sometimes I wonder if that is possible with the general media and information packaged as being the expert. Then I get reassured when I see businesses models such as iFixit, band promo and discussion sites, and of course Bicycle Kitchens and all the real How-to’s out there.

source:Tall Bike Posse

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Travelling Via Tall Bike

Traveling is fun and more fun in a different way than the other. we choose using tall bike to get high and more of fun in traveling because it's cheaper than we use other advance transportation although it is slower but it's so conform with go-green concept. with a tall bike we can take more of stuff and many more of item because there are lots of places to put the items, it's that compared with ordinary bicycle can not carry more items. so have (more) fun with your travelling and tall bike.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This is a wind chime made completely from Bicycle bones including shift and brake cables for hanging the chimes.


Jon Brown of Fort Wayne, Ind., found a new way to keep kids off the streets--high off, that is--when he turned his bike upside down. Like an old fashioned two wheeler, the altered bike lifts you into the upper strata. But unlike the 1890 version, it's easy to convert this conversion back to a lowly "earth" bike since no welding is involved.