Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Jon Brown of Fort Wayne, Ind., found a new way to keep kids off the streets--high off, that is--when he turned his bike upside down. Like an old fashioned two wheeler, the altered bike lifts you into the upper strata. But unlike the 1890 version, it's easy to convert this conversion back to a lowly "earth" bike since no welding is involved.
First, remove the handle bar,seat,wheels,pedal crank and chain; then wash all parts and bearings in solvent and pack with grease.in reasembly, both the rear wheel and pedal crank must be on the side of the frame opposite to their original position.

The fork is removed, the frame invert and then the fork is reinstalled in the handle bar socket. A 5 ft. pipe forced into the fork serves as a "joy stick." It is secured by drilling through both parts and bolting them together. The seat post is also a 5 ft. length of pipe and is forced through the frame behind the pedal crank bearing housting and secured with bolts.--Morris G. Hults

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