Saturday, May 22, 2010

The coolest tall bike I’ve seen yet

I’ll admit that I don’t usually find the tall-bike scene very interesting and perhaps that statement will have me besieged by an army of black clad squatters armed with padded lances. However this tall bike, dubbed “Skywalker” by Atomic Zombie is not only absurdly tall, its also very thoughtfully designed and and attractively constructed. It must be a helluva trip to ride a bike from 4 meters in the air.

What makes this tallbike unique is that it the rider can climb and dismount it while riding. This isn’t just a circus stunt concept. Its a practical and safety advantage: otherwise the rider would have to find and climb a suitable pole, second story window or truck roof to begin… and then find another to dismount.

Oh, and if you want to be jealous of somebody’s fabrication skills… it was built in one weekend.

There are even do-it-yourself plans for the tall bike on Instructibles. Its not likely you’ll ever see one of these, never mind convince its owner to let you try it out. So if you want to experience riding a 12 foot high bike you’ll just have to collect some bike parts and lots of tubing (electrical conduit actually). Have fun!

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