Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sono's Explanation

In according to Sono, an activist yogyakarta tall bike, at the beginning of tall bike at yogyakarta establishment there are only five people who have a tall bike. The idea of using the tall bike was started in 2007, when Cyclown Circus, whose members are from the United States and Italy, visited Indonesia.

"Cyclown Circus held a workshop, a member, Piero, living in Indonesia," sono's said. After getting the science of Piero, five people continues to campaign with around Yogyakarta city.
Sono revealed before he switching to tall bike, many members of yogyakarta tall bike use of low rider bicycles. "After trying a tall bike, felt comfortable, transmissivity and the number of users continues to grow," sono's said. Currently, there is a high number of tall bike users and 24 people gather every Saturday night at the yogyakarta monument (tugu jogja).
Because there is no tall bike manufacturer, then the owner should design its own. "not expensive and not difficult, because using the framework of the former purchased and wreck," Sono's said. A tall bike usually consists of two frame were prepared and upwards.
Once there are two order, direct the owner of welding bike as you wish, The important thing is still have a comfortable and safe. So also the form of handlebars and other construction, in accordance with the owner desires.
Sono disclose activities of yogyakarta tall bike members are campaigning to reduce pollution. "We have been cycling up to Jakarta," said Sono. Three people are cycling to Jakarta, namely Sono, Yoyo, and Janto. For mass cycling, members of yogyakarta tall bike have visited Salatiga.
Riding tall bike there is more have sensation, higher so you can see the circumstances surrounding the broader. In addition to environmentally friendly, tall bike into an exciting new alternative transportation for youth.
Yogyakarta tall bike community determined to continue to preserve the culture of cycling in yogyakarta. Sono said that by using high bicycle will attract more people with such anti-global warming campaign will be effective.


  1. I'm sorry, I think you mispelled this name "Janto" at this sentence "Three people are cycling to Jakarta, namely Sono, Yoyo, and Janto". It's supposed to be Danto (derrived from Bagus Dwi Danto), three of them are Creamus Poem. Thank you.

  2. okay,thanks for your corections,at yogyakarta i just know sono,yoyo and the other but not danto.
    are you like to riding bicycle too?