Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ridden A Tall Bike

If you’ve ever ridden a tall bike, you can understand the attraction: Finally, for the first time in your bike-riding life, you’re not just traffic, you’re above traffic.
Tall bikes can be used for general transportation and recreation, just like other bicycles. Regular tall-bike commuters note that both their increased visibility and the simple 'wow factor' give them a safety advantage in automobile traffic over 'short bikes'. However, there are issues with mounting and dismounting.

It is much simpler than you might think. On the lower part of the "backbone" there is a small step. The rider stands in back of the bike, with hands holding the handlebar grips, with a foot up on the step and lower pedal to lowest position then push off to gain motion with left foot on left pedal and Pushing forward to get enough momentum to steer and balance, swing right leg over then steps up, puts feet on the pedals, and rides on.

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  1. People keep asking how you get on, don't be lazy and just read the instructable. and i just explains the whole thing.