Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flexibility To Ride

This communitiy (Yogyakarta Tall Bike) do not need the legality of the organization. It's a bit different from other bicycle organizations that have a neat structure. They confessed to the present tall bike community has not needed an organization's existence. No need is recognized among the other communities. In fact, the real existence of this community have been recognized and are often invited to be involved in various cycling events.

At last, tall bike was invited to participate in the commemoration 'serangan oemum 1 maret' that municipal of Yogyakarta government. Together with the existing bicycle community in Yogyakarta they mingle, like the old bike lovers from the community who are members of Societies onthel Djokjakarta (Podjok) and community SegoSegawe (Sepeda Kanggo Sekolah Lan Nyambut gawe) formed by the local government.


  1. hello Joga Tall Bike! saya dan satu teman saya dari Bandung cycle Chic mau berlibur ke Jogja selama beberapa hari. Mungkin kita bisa sepedahan bareng? email me if you wanna chat,

  2. ok2,kabari saja setibanya di jogja,..