Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tall Bike Community Yogyakarta

'it's not that the best bike but the bike was good'
that is a tittle of tall bikes community in yogyakarta,indonesia.
Deliberately designed tall bike to campaign to combat the use of petroleum.As an alternative transportation, bikes are capable of consumption fuel oil. In Yogyakarta introduced their own tall bike activist who joined the Cyclown Circus. They come from various countries like the United States, Italy, and Argentina.tall bikes are intended for high arouse public awareness on bike love around the world as an alternative transportation.

Cyclon circus entourage arrived at Yogyakarta in December 2006.
As long as they fill socializing time with various activities,like mingling with the various communities.
In addition there is a portion of
that fill their time with
school to college
exist in the City of Gudeg (yogyakarta).
During the visit, the delegation Cyclon
Circus also hosted a number of
communities in Yogyakarta and given
a place to stay on Campus
Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI),
or now the Jogja National
Museum (JNM).

Tall bike theft seems
attention of road users and
their presence was more acceptable
on the highway. Each time through
a tall bike, other road users
will gladly give way.
Things like that to prove
now the wind is the presence of tall bike
to be better appreciated. Tall Bike
also brought the spirit high
utilization of waste that is not iron
So to have a high tall bike
should be a little more creative. Starting from
make the design up to hunt
junk bike collectors
secondhand goods.