Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tall Bike Go To Pakem Yogyakarta

Pakem is meeting point for bicycle lover, it take for about 17 kilometers from Yogyakarta city and it be interesting because track to Pakem  is uphill and near with merapi mountain. Mostly is mountain bike at there because unusual track to Pakem and yesterday with my friend, i went there with my tall bike. It becomes special because i am the only one there using tall bike. Some people might think it a usual thing but i think it's amazing. 
Tall bike was there.


  1. hei!begaimana disana?!?!
    this is piero!!! do you remeber the funny guy who came by tall bike from far, very far??
    i'm so fuking happy to find this blog!!
    happy to see still tall bike in jogjia and how you guys keep doing funny stuff!
    please chek out my web site (menas uncle bike). is my new bike shop inrome. i became a fuking business man! but still making tall bike and every day weld and cut bike.
    please say ciao to everybody!!!

    1. kabar kita baik-baik saja piero..
      yeah i know you from cyclone circus with sono cap bagong tatto and dhomas "kampret" yudhistira.
      yes i will visit your web site,but i would like to talk with you about that many funny stuff, maybe at facebook or twitter.
      okay pal..